Bendras pastato plotas Total area
of the building
Nuomojamas plotas Area
for rent
Trys pastai su atskirais įėjimais Three buildings with separate entrances
Konferencijų salė Conference room for events up to 200 participants
Dušai ir persirengimo patalpos Showers and changing rooms
Pastato teritorijos apsauga 24/7 Security in the building area
Lankstus išplanavimas Flexible office structure and
fully installed premises
Erdvus restoranas Spacious 350 m2 restaurant
for employees and business
center guests
Gamtos atspindys

On the outside of the building dominate natural materials and colors, the entrances of business center echo river waves. The feeling of lightness and easiness is created by glass constructions in interior and exterior designs.

“The building looks like levitating in the air or standing on legs, through which river Neris is seen. The construction appears light, rhythmical and resembles the river dynamically divided into flowing waves. Such decision originated from modern green architecture idea.”

Architect Kančas Algimantas

Funkcinės savybės
  • Modern air conditioning system, that is not only economical but also environment-friendly, because Neris water is used for air conditioning in the building.

  • Separate ventilation systems in offices, conference room, restaurant and in atrium guarantee quality of air, that is necessary for effective intellectual work.

  • Natural daylight reaches almost every work place and amount of it can be controlled by louvers.

  • Openable windows help to control microclimate of premises by natural means.

  • Raised floors allow to change or shift place of office equipment and distribution of power supplies in area.

  • Energy efficiency in building ensures optimal expenses of exploitation.

  • Nearby located fiber-optic internet route guarantees internet speed up to 10GB/s

Spacious and free parking lot
Automobiliai 290 car parking places
Dviračiai 50 bicycle
parking places
Motoroleriai 10 motorcycle and scooter parking places
Įkrovimas An electric car
charging station
Infrastructure near the business center

Strategically comfortable and advantageous place for day plans. It will be easy to fulfill daily work and personal matters. Those who arrive to work using short-term car rent service, will be able to choose one of the nearby located rental points. Public transport stops are also very closely situated near the business center. Within a hand’s reach main bank branches and ATMs
(automated teller machines) are available. During lunch breaks, employees will able not only to take a walk near the river but also rediscover historical objects in Kaunas that can be found around. Employees who would like to do their shopping on a way home will be able to choose one of four supermarkets located closely.

Object nearby
Bendras pastato plotas Shopping mall 4
Nuomojamas plotas CityBee bicycle
places (bicycle rental stops)
Trys pastai su atskirais įėjimais Public transport
Konferencijų salė CityBee car
places (car rental stops)
Konferencijų salė Restaurants and cafes 1
Konferencijų salė Banks, ATM 3
Konferencijų salė Sightseeing objects 6
Konferencijų salė Beauty salons 0
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